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      Established in 1998, Cosmetic Supplies USA, Inc. is strategically based in Orlando, Florida (with warehousing facility in Dallas, TX and Pacoima, CA) and distributes a wide range of chemicals and packaging components to the Personal Care, Veterinary, and Pharmaceutical Industry. Cosmetic Supplies USA, Inc. is managed by a licensed and registered chemist.

      Cosmetic Supplies USA, Inc. has introduced Trichloracetic Acid (Pharma Grade) to its exclusive list of raw materials. Please see the Spec Sheets and/or call for further details.

      Cysteamine HCL is now in stock . Pack size 25kg plastic drum sealed with Nitrogen infusion.

      Cosmetic Supplies USA realizes that the demand for quick turnaround times to get product to you is critical in order for you to deliver your finished product to your customer in a timely manner. Our commitment to delivering quality includes making sure that your products are produced , quality tested and delivered on time , every time. We have most products in our Orlando warehouse , and also have warehousing facility in Dallas and Pacoima ,CA.

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      Cosmetic Supplies USA, Inc. with over 25 years experience, is dedicated to supplying a wide range of specialty chemicals in a timely manner to its valued customers from the corporate warehouse in Orlando or the Texas or California warehouse. Click on Chemical Products to turn it off.

      As an additional service to its valued clients, Cosmetic Supplies USA, Inc. provides a range of high quality shrink film (Tubing, Neck Bands, Preforms, Bags). We hold inventory and offer same day shipping. We have over 300 sizes in stock.Click on Packing Products to turn it off.

      Our professional team will provide you with personal service and provide any necessary information you may require in order to meet your needs and goals. Click on Services to turn it off.

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